Frederiksholms Kanal
Is the part of the canal around Slotsholmen in Copenhagen. Frederiksholms Kanal was excavated in 1681. Parts of the new quarter were used to store building materials for both military and civilian buildings in the rapidly growing city. Many materials arrived by ship, and the location by the canal where they could dock was therefore convenient.
Grundtvigskirken, Grundtvig's Church at Bispebjerg in Copenhagen is a church built in memory of the priest, poet and educator N.F.S.  Grundtvig.
Reffen, March 2021, before season opening, a great place with international street food from various stalls plus live entertainment and matches.
Amalienborg is a castle complex in Frederiksstaden in Copenhagen and is the main residence of the Danish Royal House. 
From a walk in Copenhagen, February 2021
Sorgenfri cementery, just north the city, November 2020
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